Dear Kitty,

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I adore you and your cute and all but remember what I have told you multiple times? My laptop is not a bed! Nope I promise it is for playing on Facebook working. Please remember that the next time you decide to rest your oh so adorable head on my caps lock key and make it seem like I am being mean on Twitter. Or stretching and making it seem like I am drunk blogging. You know kitty that drunk blogging is only on every third Friday that falls on an even-numbered day and has a new moon. You know kinda like that Twilight book. Please remember it wasn’t nice to make me reply awwwwwww to Hal’s getting in trouble email from the teacher. He shouldn’t have said that in school, it wasn’t cute.

I promise if you quit, I will cuddle with you every night!

Okay now be good kitty, no more laptop sleeping!



  1. I cracked up reading this!!! That is the most precious kitty though! Love it!

  2. omg, you can’t even be mad about it either because how cute is that? But seriously, kitties think the world is there for their purposes alone.

    Too funny!

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