So I colored my hair recently

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I had decided a while back that I really wanted to grow my hair out either that or get extensions Britney or Kardashian style. Unsure of what to do I decided that before I resort to the extensions that I would try to be patient and grow it out first. This is a chore for me though because I get bored really easy and I do things like cut it off on the spur of the moment or dye it. Anyway growing my hair out means that I can only get it trimmed and have to hold on to my resolve not to just take the scissors and butcher it myself.

So far so good even though I have extremely thick hair and fantasize about buying my own pair of thinning scissors and going wild. I haven’t yet but I have priced them.

Anyway let us get back to the point of the post, I colored my hair recently.


Awesome, right? Sometimes I think I want to go blonde or red but I think that I like it best dark. So the reason I dyed it was because I went to a salon a few weeks ago and was getting a trim. Yes just a trim. And I looked down at the cape around and me and what did I see?

A GREY Hair!

My first response was honestly¬† “what the hell” With the f-word in place of hell. I will just be nice and not post that word.

I panicked because sure I did not have any grey hair at 32 years old. I hoped beyond hope that maybe it was some older persons left on the cape from a previous hair cut. The length told me otherwise. And then my sister confirmed it when I was finished, she saw a few in my head.

I could pretend that I will age with grace and take aging with class and poise. But no aging is going to have to take me kicking and screaming. So I did what any normal person who does not want to get older does when they find a grey hair, I covered those bitches up!

Am I allowed to blame my kids for my premature grey hairs?

Do you plan on aging with grace and keeping your grey hairs or will you take the route I did and embrace the hair dye?

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