I love comfortable boots

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Throughout my life I have never been a big wearer of boots. My boot wearing life has went from an obsession with a pair of red cowboy boots as a child. My sister and I both loved them so much that she slept in them to my love for my Dr. Martens when I was a teenager. After that I hadn’t worn them much except I did recently get a pair of off brand sequined boots of a popular brand. In all truthfulness though I do appreciate a pair of comfy boots. I started browsing some of the awesome boot offerings from Macy’s and was impressed by all the awesome boots that were available in the photo below:


Available were all kinds of boots from peep-toe booties to Timberland boots. All of styles that I chose look really comfortable even my favorite the peep-toe bootie and the blue Timberlands in the top left corner. I probably could have spent hours browsing all the different boots and this Texas girl who never wears boots is amazingly actually drooling over the cowboy style boots in the bottom of the picture above. But really don’t tell anyone that I have an image of not being a cowgirl to uphold.

Think I could get away with them? I wonder if I could talk Hal into an adorable pair of little boys cowboy boots. I’ll have to hide his sneakers first.

Which boots above or style of boots above do you guys like the most?

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